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Geospacial Solutions

K-MATIC offer a range of solutions from 'of the shelf', industry specific products, through to highly customised, fully integration end to end solutions, and everything in between. All our solutions are built upon our three core platforms


K-Portal is a fully hosted, mobile workforce management system, that allows field operations to be managed, monitored and controlled  in real time.

K-Portal provides access to project progress dashboards, interactive maps, sophisticated reporting and integrated access to multiple data sources from existing asset inventories, in-field captured data and  mobile mapping and drone captured imagery and point clouds


Easy to use and fully customisable, the K-Mobile app set-up and field use has been simplified to shorten learning curves and enable faster mobilisation of work forces.

Extensive use of rule based workflows, ensures quality data is captured in the field, no matter water positional accuracy requirements are in place

 K-Integration Agent

K-MATIC can provide fully integrated solutions, where in-field capture activity can be replicated in existing internally held backend systems in near realtime.

The K-Integration Agent provides in-built replication with leading GIS/DB Management backends such as MS-SQL,Oracle, ESRI Arc suite and QGIS.

XML & CSV replication are also provided for custom integration development

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The staff at KOREC and K-MATIC have been involved in the development and support of GPS and GIS applications for over 20 years.