Easy to Use and Fully Customisable

Bespoke Software

K-Mobile is the result of KOREC’s 15 years of mapping software development experience combined with extensive customer research. It is the most user friendly and customer focused software that we have ever released.

Wide-Ranging Functionality

K-Mobile’s software set-up and field use has been simplified to shorten learning curves and enable faster mobilisation of work forces. It also has the capability to run on all Trimble Windows Mobile hardware platforms from high accuracy handhelds (cm), to more basic devices (3-5m), to the latest tablet technology. K-Mobile is ideal for use with a mixed fleet - no extra training or time consuming back end work is required for the data preparation.

Job specific data is sent wirelessly to the ‘field worker’ (not the device), so hardware selection can be based on its suitability to the day’s tasks, for example, ruggedness, accuracy and screen size.

Available as a complete off the shelf product, or as a tailored solution, K-Mobile provides support for unique workflows as well as backend integration. Additional hardware such as lasers, cable locators, RFID, thermal cameras, gas detection, moisture meters and sonar can all be supported.

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The staff at KOREC and K-MATIC have been involved in the development and support of GPS and GIS applications for over 20 years.