K-Utility, is a full suite of advanced mobile GIS capture workflows, aimed at massively increasing field worker efficiency, safety and traceability.

Integrating fully with your backend GIS (ESRI and QGIS / SQL & Oracle supported ‘Out-the-box’, other systems on request), allows work to be assigned from the office, directly from your existing GIS. Jobs are wirelessly distributed to mobile devices, where a sophisticated mobile app, running on windows tablets or android phones/tablets allows high quality data to be captured efficiently and with minimum data entry errors.

All capture is time logged and stamped with the authenticated name of the field user, to ensure 100% traceability of work.

Mobile Workflow is targeted at the application in hand, to app requires minimal training, with even the most technophobe of users up and running after a quick tutorial. K-Utility has preconfigured workflows specifically developed for

  • Underground Utility Surveys
  • Drainage Connectivity Surveys
  • Manhole Inspection Cards
  • High Accuracy / Low Cost A- built Surveys
  • MRPS Pipeline surveys

K-Utility provides massive improvement in efficiency over generic data capture products (or paper base solutions) as it has been developed in conjunction with Utility workers to specifically address the challenges of the utility capture market – as well as utilising the efficiency saving of the base k-mobile product such as minimising travel time to office and transcription time, and improves data quality by enforcing correct data at time of capture, and eliminating transcription errors.

Data is available back at the office, within the GIS, before field crew leave site

Customisable data collection forms

Wide range of hardware options supported – from consumer phones, to high accuracy specialised data capture devices

Wireless transfer of daily assignments

Full history of all inspections maintained Intelligent scheduling functionality

Full ‘off-line’ use support

Wireless transfer of work completed

Delivered with a range of preconfigured environmental forms

Automated comital back to GIS

Live device tracking for efficient emergency response

Delivered with complete set of OS Open data with a streamed access to Mastermap service for

The cross platform nature of K-Utility allows the right platform for the job to be selected – Whether its dedicated high accuracy devices such as the Trimble R-Series or GeoExplorer Series, low cost /low accuracy consumer devices such as android phones and tablets, or correction service solutions operating on Android devices connected to correction service such as Trimble Catalyst, capable of delivering centimetre solutions on a phone.

K-Utility been designed to enable professional quality GIS capture, by non GIS users – users who are there to do a proper job, collecting data is extra – it’s now a painless extra.

Underground Utility Surveys

With Bluetooth links to all three of the leading Underground Utility Inspection devices, K-Utility provides a highly optimised data capture workflow, that allows high accuracy surveys to be taken at the same time as the cable tracing and depth measurements are being taken – live field tests showed a greater than 4 fold increase in efficiency over previous methods.

The survey is driven entirely from a button press on the Detection Device, with email alerts being automatically generated wherever a dangerous scenario is encountered

K-Utility can also be utilised as a ‘Proof-of-use’ device, allowing managers to ensure that cable avoidance procedures are being followed

Drainage Connectivity Surveys

K-Utility has specialised modules for assisting in the production of connectivity surveys such as HADDAMS. A preconfigured library of styled features and forms enables users to be up and running from the moment of delivery.

K-Utility has specific functions allowing Manhole / Catchpits etc point features to be recorded using GPS and have the field crew create a ‘chamber pipe layout sketch.

Existing drainage schemas can be assigned to specific field crews for updating – so when a point feature such as a manhole is relocated, all connected pipework automatically adjusts to ensure a coherent end product.

Manhole Inspection Cards

K-Utility in combination with the desktop companion K-Console application allow for the automated production of Manhole inspection cards.

Photos Sketch’s and location Plans can be inserted into a MS-Word template to allow sophisticated Manhole inspection reports to be generated on 100s of manholes with the click of a single button.

High Accuracy / Low Cost As-built Surveys

K-Mobile has integrated Trimble Catalyst technology that allows centimetre precision directly on a mobile phone – ideal for applications like As-Builts that require a small amount of High Accuracy capture, but don’t justify a full survey kit

K-Utility has functionality to upload design layouts, and on site, split pipes, add reinstament features & mark for abandonment.

MRPS Pipeline surveys

K-Utility has a complete solution for ‘MRPS’ type surveys where conditions along a pipe have to be recorded using chainage based measurements.

‘Increments’ can be positioned manually with reference to the OS Mastermap, or positioned using the GPS when used in conjunction with High accuracy service such as Trimble Catalyst.