K-Environment field-to-office mobile data capture system, for the Environmental Consultancy Industry

K-Environment, is a GIS integrated, field based data collection system, focused at environmental consultancies.

Integrating fully with your backend GIS (ESRI and QGIS supported ‘Out-the-box’, other systems on request), allows work to be assigned from the office, directly from your existing GIS. Jobs are wirelessly distributed to mobile devices, where a sophisticated mobile app, running on windows tablets or android phones/tablets allows high quality data to be captured efficiently and with minimum data entry errors

Mobile application requires minimal training, with even the most technophobe of users to be up and running after a quick tutorial

Massive improvement in efficiency over paper collection by minimising travel time to office and transcription time, and improves data quality by enforcing correct data at time of capture, and eliminating transcription errors.

Data is available back at the office, within the GIS, before field crew leave site

Customisable data collection forms

Wide range of hardware options supported – from consumer phones, to high accuracy specialised data capture devices

Wireless transfer of daily assignments

Full history of all inspections maintained Intelligent scheduling functionality

Full ‘off-line’ use support

Wireless transfer of work completed

Delivered with a range of preconfigured environmental forms

Automated comital back to GIS

Live device tracking for efficient emergency response

Delivered with complete set of OS Open data with a streamed access to Mastermap service for

K-Environment utilises the K-Mobile data collection app, a sophisticated yet incredibly easy to use mobile application, that allows field engineers to record a wide range environmental surveys such as Phase 1 habitat, BS Tree Surveys or Bat surveys

Surveys can consist of traditional simple Point features, linear or area features, but can also include background tracing, where GPS location is continually logged so that a record of route taken can be recorded

Photographic evidence of can be captured within the app and tagged to each individual survey element.

Sophisticated rule based data capture allows system administrators control exactly what information is needed to be recorded by the field crews.

K-Mobile comes with an offline copy of the complete OS Opendata data sets for the entire country, meaning that you will always have a high quality background map to be working against.

A streaming background map service that allows the country’s most accurate MasterMap data to be streamed directly to the device with no additional cost or setup required, is also available for users for the appropriate OS Licenses or access rights (generally any council employee or sub-contractor can make use of this service).

K-Mobile also allows high accuracy aerial imagery to be loaded directly onto the device, and provides field crews with a simple method for switching between data sets

K-Mobile can either work in an inspection mode, where existing assets can be wirelessly assigned to a field crew for inspection, or in a capture mode, where no existing information is known, and locations are captured as part of the survey process.

Where accuracy is important, K-Mobile can run on a range of Windows or Android hardware, with a wide variety of positional accuracy options including

  • Trimble Geo Series – High accuracy / Highly rugged handheld GPS capable of a range of accuracies from 1m to 1cm, combined with an all-day battery life
  • Trimble Juno Series – Mid accuracy / rugged handheld GPS capable of up to 1m accuracy and an all-day battery life
  • Any Windows 10 tablet – where options for accuracy and ruggedness can be selected from a wide range of manufacturers
  • Any Android device (phone or tablet) – the ideal low cost platform for large scale rollouts
  • Catalyst enhanced Accurcies – A new Trimble service where positional accuracy of an android device can be enhanced - right down to a cost effective 2cm level solution).

K-Mobile has been designed to enable professional quality GIS capture, by non-technical users – users who are there to do a proper job, collecting data is extra – it’s now a painless extra.

The K-Environment office console allows operations staff to assign new jobs, monitor ongoing projects in near real time, and produce high quality informative progress reports at the touch of a button.

But for most of the time K-Environment runs as a background

Task, monitoring the cloud for survey updates and downloading data directly and automatically into backend GIS, with environmental enhancements such a tree canopy polygons can be automatically generated

Direct import into both ESRI ArcMap and QGIS is supported, where multiple users can be working on live data and new incoming data simply appear with each screen refresh