A sophisticated, yet ease to use, fully cross platform, general purpose, field data capture solution.



The ideal field capture app any mobile based data capture project, K-Mobile is equally suited to a simple, non spacial,paper replacement exercise,  right through to a sophisticated GIS data capture project.

Fully cross platform compatible

Compatible with Android, iOS and windows platforms, and supports tablet or handheld form factor - Ideal for a mixed fleet with differing accuracy / ruggedness/ mobility requirements

Extensive Trimble device support

Optimised for use on the Trimble range of rugged devices, and compatible with Trimble Catalyst and survey Grade external receivers for centimetre accuracy collection

Sophisticated Mapping engine

Out the box support for streaming Open Street Maps and OS Mastermap (with appropiate OS License)

Point / Line / Area Support

From simple Auto capture of point location, to sophisticated line editing tools, K-Mobile has it covered

Simple Process driven Data Capture

Ensure high quality data returns, by ensuring field crews cant make data entry mistakes with numeric range validation and mandatory fields and nested selections

Extensive Data Entry Field types supported

Text / Numeric / Lists / Nested Lists / Photos / Signatures / Dates & Relational Form support  / Auto entry and Calculation fields

Collection or inspection workflows

Collect new assets, or update existing asset sets with inspection reports. K-Mobile task list ensures that every task is completed before leaving site

Field Worker Safety Functionality built-in

Protect your staff with device tracking, Lone worker alerts and safely buffer zones

External Wireless Device Links

Numerous existing Bluetooth links to utility detectors, laser range finders, RFID wands and always happy to expand support for new devices

Customisable for specific workflows

K-Mobile is platform from which all our data capture products are built. If you have a specific workflow, or application requirement then please get in touch



K-Mobile VP Introduction

Customisable data capture software designed specifically for ease of use without sacrificing functionality

K-Mobile is the result of KOREC’s 20 years of mapping software development experience combined with extensive customer research. It is the most user friendly and customer focused software that we have ever released. Our thorough research is reflected in both the wide-ranging functionality offered as standard and also the fully customisable nature of K-Mobile by both the end-user or KOREC support staff, with no modification request too small for our consideration.

Easy to use and fully customisable, K-Mobile’s software set-up and field use has been simplified to shorten learning curves and enable faster mobilisation of work forces. It also has the capability on a wide range of hardware options (Android,iOS and Windows) including the full range of Trimble devices, ensuring there is always a option to suit your connectivity,ruggedness and accuracy requirements.

  • K-Mobile is a highly configurable solution that is capable of addressing a wide range of data capture applications, for example
  • Drainage Surveys with pipe connectivity
  • Tree Surveys with canopy visualisation
  • Gully cleansing recording
  • Signpost / Signal inspections
  • Pothole / graffiti recording and rectification
  • Real time Installation verification
  • Paper replacement of Health and safety forms

Available as a complete off the shelf product, or as a tailored solution, K-Mobile provides support for unique workflows as well as backend integration. Additional hardware such as lasers, cable locators, RFID, thermal cameras, gas detection, moisture meters and sonar can all be supported.

Fully Connected

K-Mobile has been designed to be as ‘connected’ a solution as possible. Captured data and photos are sent to the portal in near real time, enabling office based decision makers to validate data whilst field users are on-site.

But in the event that phone network coverage is not available, field activities can continue, with all transactions stored locally until network access is detected, when the queue of data will be automatically sent

Data flows two ways. With K-Mobile existing data can easily be wirelessly sent to field users Simply drag a file (SHP / CSV / MidMif etc) on to the portal task  assignment tab and  the data will be converted and sent automatically to that user with no further action required. The field user will receive an in-app notification that a task has been assigned and is ready for download

Maps Included

K-Mobile enables field users to take full advantage of a wide variety of Ordnance Survey data sets including OS MasterMap and the full range of open datasets from OS and other providers. Data is available as a streaming service or can be loaded internally to the device. Alternative sources of mapping data can also be integrated and supported such as aerial photography.

Device Tracking & Lone Worker Alerts

K–Mobile comes with device tracking and metric dashboards built in. Every 10 minutes the portal will be updated with device location and a summary of capture and inspection activity. Device locations and user activity can be viewed from via a browser from anywhere in the world and can even be accessed through specially formatted reports delivered directly to connected devices such as smart watches

Keeping workers safe in the field is a priority. By clicking a physical button on the device three times, K-Mobile will send immediately a field worker’s location and a request for assistance to nominated e-mail addresses. Alternatively, the portal server can be configured to detect extended periods of inactivity and alert managers to potential safety issues

Standard Features

  • Capture Point, line, area geometries
  • Automatic capture Time/Field user
  • Full screen selection lists
  • Large keyboard for textual entry
  • Excel style Calculator fields
  • Mandatory, read-only fields
  • Inspection and collection workflows
  • OS or custom background maps
  • Laser offsetting
  • Integrated Camera, signature capture
  • Automatic Area, perimeter, length calculations
  • Numerical entry with limits
  • Conditional selection lists
  • Custom Calculation fields
  • Compass navigation (also integrated turn by turn navigation)
  • 'Stakeout' mode for centimetre accurate navigation
  • Remote height measurement

Integration Options

  • SHP / MidMiff / CSV / JFL / DXF Assignment directly through drag and drop interface
  • SHP /MidMiff / CSV / JFL / DXF asset upload
  • SHP /MidMiff / CSV / JFL / DXF / XLS export queries
  • DOCX / XLSX templated exports
  • MS-SQL backend integration through k-IntegrationApp agent
  • Oracle backend integration through k-IntegrationApp agent
  • ESRI Datasource (Personal GeoDB, File Geo DB, SHP or ArcSDE) integration through k-IntegrationApp agent
  • CSV / XML exchange synchronisation through k-IntegrationApp agent (for building bespoke integration applications such as Maximo / Smallworld

Supported Devices

  • Trimble TDC 600 - 2m Accuracy in a rugged handheld device with 2day battery life
  • Trimble TDC 150 - 1m, 10cm or 1cm options available, including a RTX satellite delivered correction service that will deliver 10cm without relying on a 3g network
  • Device+ Trimble Catalyst - 1m 10cm or 1cm subscriptions available, including pay as you go centimetre service, intended for large fleet deployment
  • Device+ Trimble R Series (R2 R6 R10 R12) - 1cm survey grade accuracy with unrivalled productivity and efficiency in the field
  • All Android Devices v5+ - Accuracy ~5m
  • All Windows 10 tablets - Accuracy ~5m
  • All iOS Devices v11+ - Accuracy ~5m