K-Gully provides 100% proof that work was done, when you said it was done and where you said it was done

K-Gully, is a full, end to end, gully cleansing, recording and reporting system. Ideal for contractor use, it combines a sophisticated tool for manging the cleaning programme, and for end clients, a high-quality record of the on-site work completed.

Customisable data collection forms

Daily Progress Reports

Full background mapping streaming service included (including OS Mastermap)

Wireless transfer of daily assignments

Project Progress Reports

Full history of all inspections maintained Intelligent scheduling functionality

Wireless transfer of work completed

Live interactive map

Live device tracking for efficient emergency response

Client Log in for ‘real time’ access to progress

Full ‘off-line’ use support

Citizen issue reporting module available

K-Gully utilises the K-Mobile data collection app, a sophisticated yet incredibly easy to use mobile application, that allows field engineers to record the date, time & location of each gully being cleaned, as well as current silt levels, and any reasons why a gully was not cleaned.

Photographic evidence of work completed or issues encountered can be captured within the app and tagged to an individual gully.

Sophisticated rule based data capture allows system administrators control exactly what information is needed to be recorded by the field crew.

K-Mobile comes a streaming background map service that allows the country’s most accurate map to be streamed directly to the device with no additional cost or setup required.

K-Mobile can either work in an inspection mode, where existing gullies can be wirelessly assigned to a field crew for inspection, or in a capture mode, where no existing gully information is known, and locations are captured as part of the inspection process.

Where accuracy is important, K-Mobile can run on a range of Windows or Android hardware, with a wide variety of positional accuracy options (right down to cost effective 2cm level solution).

K-Mobile has been designed to enable professional quality GIS capture, by non-technical users – users who are there to do a proper job, collecting data is extra – it’s now a painless extra.

The K-Gully portal allows office operations staff to assign new jobs, monitor ongoing projects in near real time, and produce high quality informative progress reports at the touch of a button.

End clients can even be allocated login rights allowing them to review (potentially restricted) maps and reports in real time.

The interactive maps allow project progress to be easily visualised and Interrogated, with standard styling for common faults, recorded silt levels, inspection areas etc.

K-Gully records every gully visit and cleaning outcome as a separate inspection record. This allows full historical views to be accessed.

The K-Gully system comes into its own when loaded with multiple years of inspection data, where our intelligent scheduling suggestions are made, to increase cost efficiency of the cleaning programme.