What is K-MATIC?

K-MATIC is a private limited company providing off the shelf and customised data capture software solutions for field based data collection and assessment inspection jobs primarily for the UK and Ireland. K-MATIC is based in the UK and provides the software solution working in partnership with who provide sales, support and training for the K-MATIC products.

What is K-mobile?

K-Mobile is the field based data collection and asset inspection application available for Android,smartphones and tablets and Windows Mobile platforms and devices. It operates with either K-Console or K-Portal for the handling and analysis of captured . A form is defined and in K-Console and transferred to K-Mobile for the consistent collection and update of data in the field.

What is K-Console?

K-Console is an on premise desktop or in-house server based application for:

  • Form creation.
  • K-Mobile device management and data exchange.
  • Captured data handling and analysis.
  • Data import and export, including to third party databases.

What is K-Portal?

K-Portal is secure web (cloud) based portal for:

  • Form creation.
  • K-Mobile device management and data exchange.
  • Captured data handling and analysis.
  • Data import and export, including to third party databases.

What are the software costs and licenses?


What are the hardware costs?

Dependant on the office and field based hardware selected.

What field devices and operating systems can K-Mobile be used on?

  • All Trimble Windows Mobile hardware platforms from high accuracy handhelds (cm), to more basic devices (3-5m):
    • Trimble June 3
    • Trimble 5
    • Trimble Juno 5 Enhanced GPS
    • Trimble Geo Explorer 6000
    • Trimble Geo Explorer 7x
    • Trimble Geo Explorer 3000
    • Trimble Geo Explorer 2008
    • Trimble Nomad G Series
    • Trimble Yuma 1
    • Trimble Yuma 2
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 devices
  • Windows 7 tablets
  • Windows 8.1 tables (SE)
  • Android smartphone and tablets V6 – 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) and 0 – 7.1.1 (Nougat) with an internal sensor.
  • iOS

What operating systems support K-Console?

Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

What web browsers support K-Portal?

and is supported on v56+ and v10.

Can I host the system myself?


Are automatic K-Mobile field software updates available from the web service?

No. Field software updates and installation instructions can be downloaded

Are K-Portal software updates automatic?


Are K-Console software updates automatic?

No. K-Console software updates and installation instructions can be downloaded

Is there a limit to how many field devices can be used at one time (per organization) on K-Console or K-Portal?

The web service is specified such that 1000 devices can be connected at any one time, with 50 office users. Mobile devices add very little load on the server; the real load is from the office users.
If this limit is reached, the service can be expanded to accommodate additional users.
There is however a limit of 50 field devices per one user login to the web service. So if an organization has 90 field devices, a minimum of two web service licenses will be required.

Can multiple users log in with the same login details, at the same time?

however there is no limit to the number of users of K-Portal or K-Console once the system is purchased.

What formats of information can be imported into the system?

Information can be entered/imported into K-Console and K-Portal in 3 ways:

  1. Manually typed into K-Portal or K-Console if recording reported incidences that need investigation
  2. Existing data can be imported in files of these data formats:
  • K-Mobile JOB JFL
  • MapInfo MID/MIF
  1. Data exchange via integration with a back-end data source:
  • ESRI
  • Oracle
  • SQL
  • PostGIS
  • SQLite
  • MS Access

What file formats can be exported from the system?

Information can be exported out of K-Console and K-Portal in 2 ways:

  1. Exported in files of these data formats:
  • Survey XYZ
  • Excel Tab
  • MapInfo MID/MIF
  • Google Earth KML
  • Google Earth Package KMZ
  • AutoDesk DXF
  • Word Document DOCX
  • K-Mobile JOB JFL
  • DVI HMD/HMV Export Report
  • Templated Excel Report XLSX
  1. Data exchange via integration with a back-end data source:
  • ESRI
  • Oracle
  • SQL
  • PostGIS
  • SQLite
  • MS Access

Is it customisable?

Yes K-Mobile, K-Portal and K-Console are customisable by you for specific workflows or for more detailed requirements by the experience K-MATIC development team based in the UK.

Is it a surveying or mapping software?

It is not specifically survey or mapping software it is data collection and asset inspection software. The data can be collected at survey or mapping level accuracy depending on the requirements and hardware purchased run K-Mobile the field application on.

What accuracies can it achieve?

The accuracy is dependent on hardware purchased to run K-Mobile on. From high accuracy handhelds (cm), to more basic devices (3-5m) and smartphone accuracy (~10m).

What coordinate systems are supported in reports and exports?

The coordinate system of the active background maps.

What applications and market sectors are using this system?

K-Mobile can be used in any market sector where there is a need for a data collection and/or asset inspection application, some examples but not a definitive list are:

  • Capture, inspection, monitoring and maintenance of:
    • Road sighs
    • Gullies
    • Streetlights
    • Under and over ground utility (i.e. Gas) networks.
    • Airport assets
  • Activity mapping and monitoring:
    • Marine dredging
    • Fly tipping
    • Drilling boreholes
    • Railway maintenance
  • Location and information documentation:
    • Archaeological dig – location and finding documentation for each grid square of the site.
    • Crime scene forensic services.
    • Real estate.
  • Location tracking of fishing vessels.
  • Monitoring:
    • Fishing stock using Bluetooth callipers to obtain size of fish and log to K-Mobile.
    • Forest parcels and their eligibility for grants,

Will it save me money?

Yes, depending on your application it can:

  • Reduce the number of trips backs to the office.
  • Remove time consuming paper form transcription.
  • Increase data consistency and visibility.
  • Cut the time it takes to prepare progress reports.
  • Automatically update dashboards, project plans, maps and internal GIS or other back office databases, putting timely, accurate information into the hands of decision makers.

Giving you an immediate return on investment

Can I receive/send information live in the field?

Yes wireless via Wi-Fi or

Do I need Wi-Fi___33 or GSM Data all the time when in the field?

No.  All captured data or tasks from the office can be wirelessly synchronised with K-Console or K-Portal as often as you choose. However if data is marked as urgent, email alerts are generated and immediately sent and received if the Wi-Fi___33 or GSM Data is accessible.

What data plan should I purchase to ensure I have adequate bandwidth for transferring data between the field software and the web service?

Photos consume the largest amount of bandwidth. K-MATIC recommends that you estimate what is needed for photos alone (which varies with resolution/quality) and then add 10%. As a guideline, the following are example file sizes:

  • Sending a sketch from the field device to the web service: approximately 20KB (sketches are considerably smaller than photos).
  • Sending a form from the field device to the web service: this varies between forms, but rarely exceeds 2KB per record, so is insignificant compared to photos.
  • Sending a form from the web service to the field device: unlikely to be larger than 3KB.

Where can I find out more?


Where can I find videos and case studies?


Can I use background mapping or orthophotos, DXF files?

By default maps are available. Alternative sources of mapping data can be integrated of the formats:

  • Raster: TIF, JPG, BMP
  • Vector: SHP, DXF, MID/MIF, JFL

Orthophotos are not currently supported.

Does background mapping come with it as standard?

By default maps are available.

Can it be paired with other Bluetooth devices?

Yes. Additional hardware such as lasers, cable locators, RFID readers, thermal cameras, gas detection, moisture meters and sonar can be supported to automatically take data from the external device into the k-mobile form. If required K-Mobile can be customised to integrate with an external device.

Can I integrate with laser range finder?


Can I take photographs with spatial data?


Can I create my own forms?

Yes using K-Console.

When creating forms:

Can I import the form template or schema from another source?

Yes support formats are: ESRI SHP, ASCII CSV, FastMap ATP, Trimble Data Dictionary Export TXT, MapInfo MID and K-Mobile Job JFL.

Can I copy and paste lists from Microsoft Word or Notepad?


Can I have parent/ child lists within a form?


Can you connect forms together?

Yes and when stored in a database they will be connected by a one to many relationship. Within K-Console it is termed parent/ child.

Is there the ability to have equations within the forms to calculate final numbers based on the data entered?

Yes. Some basic ones area already available in the numeric attribute type. Additional ones can be customised.

Can I have a signature field?

Yes, use the sketch attribute type.

Can I make fields mandatory or read only?


Can I capture attribute data?


Can I capture line and area data as well as points?


Can I update existing data in the field?

Yes, the data can be imported to K-Console or K-Mobile and then transferred in a job to a field worker for monitoring or maintenance work. Which once done the field work can update.

Can I assign a task or job to a field work?

Yes you can assign a task or job to one or more field workers.

Can I set a route for a field user to follow?


Can a fieldwork navigate to a job or data point/asset?

Yes, using the compass arrow or Google Maps if available on the device.

Can I delete jobs and data?

You can delete jobs and data from the field device, but not from K-Portal or K-Console.

How secure is my information?

Both K-Portal and K-Console customers . The cloud service is provide via Amazon servers and therefore comes with .

Cloud users can be assured that their data remains their property. K-Cloud services are used for the transmission of data only. Data is then removed from the K-Cloud once confirmation by the recipient has been received. No data is stored on the K-Cloud server.

Alternatively devices can be connected to a desktop using the USB cable.

Can I have a free trial of the software? What does the free trial give me access to?

Yes. All free trials offer full off the shelf functionality for 2 weeks to trial:

Is there support?

Yes. Online support in the form of a comprehensive is available here.


Telephone support: +44 (0) 151 9316700               e-mail: support@korecgroup.com


Telephone support: +353 (0) 1 456 4702                 e-mail:  dublin@korecgroup.com

Support costs?


Do I need installation and training?

It depends on your requirements, your KOREC sales representative will advise you.

For example if it is an off the shelf solution with K-Mobile and K-Portal or K-Console using standard features and you are comfortable exploring software and using a manual, the comprehensive Getting Start Guide with How to Guides on more specialised features of the software will be adequate and no training should be required. If you have any customized workflows or wish to connect to an external third party database or use an external device such as a RFID reader some installation and training is mostly likely required.

Installation and training costs?

??/ Day.