K-Portal with QGIS Sync

One of our latest utility company installations is using K-Mobile as a field capture device, with near realtime synchronization to a customer hosted QGIS backend.

Even after all these years, working in this field, its still impressive to see data magically populating a back-end database, as field users go about their installation work

This workflow utilities our locally installed K-IntegrationApp agent to monitor activity on the K-Portal servers and replicate changes to a locally held database ( SQLite PostGIS, MS-SQL,Oracle, ESRI DBs or simple CSV)

This same worflow will work with ArcDesktop products and can also be customised to provide a very easy way of building deep integration with other 3rd party back-end storage systems

Trimble TDC600

K-Mobile X running on Trimbles latest TDC 600. A really nice device with an unbelievable battery life and a great outdoor screen – ideal as a standalone GPS unit or connected to a Catalyst antenna for centimetre accurate captue

K-Gully, hosted gully cleaning management

KOREC is delighted to announce the launch of K-Gully, the latest addition to its range of specialist K-Mobile applications. Designed with contractors in mind, K-Gully is a full end to end gully cleansing, recording and reporting system that addresses the key needs of contractors and their clients on a daily basis as well as their future requirements for cost-effective gully cleansing programmes.

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